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Farewell to President Sammi Williams

At the AGM in June 2021, Sammi Williams stepped down from the role of President of the Club.

The Club would like to thank Sammi Williams for all she has done for Peninsula Softball Club during her 3-year term as President. We will miss you very much and look forward to seeing you on the diamonds.

To read more about Sammi’s incredible softball story, please click here.

Below are a few special messages from some our Members and Friends.

“Sammi embodies what Peninsula Softball Club is all about. Fun, teamwork, leadership, friendship, supporting each other, opportunity for all. I value her friendship, appreciate her service and wish her well for the next challenge of her life.”

Heather Bate

“Having coached with Sammi at rep level I have complete respect for her knowledge of the game & love her coaching skill & technique. It’s fantastic seeing her around the diamonds as she inspires courage & great skills in players. My daughter, Rachel, says ‘Bloody legend. One of the more memorable coaches I've had. I'll never forget winning 13s state championships with her as my amazing batting coach! Thanks, Sammi’ 💖 Congrats Sammi on all your softball achievements & wish you a fantastic future”

Ian Cantwell

“Sammi is a beautiful person inside & out. Our love of softball brought us together and we have shared many wonderful memories from Masters medals to State Championship victories and more. Thank you, Sammi for your leadership over the last few years. Our softball club, Peninsula, is in great shape and we have you and your hard work to thank for that”.

Gai Cohen

“Thank you for being such an amazing club president for Peninsula softball. You are a born leader. You have been able to guide & positively influence the behaviour of everyone around you which allowed you to help the club achieve so many common goals. You have created a sense of achievement and worth in all the members you have worked with and also mentored. Sammi, you are looked up to and admired by the youngest, right through to the oldest members of our club. You are a role model and people genuinely love being in your presence. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t smile when they think of you. Thank you for your leadership, dedication to the Peninsula softball family and most importantly your friendship through these years. Forever your fan : ) ”

Rigil Miller

“Thank you Sammi for all you have done for the Peninsula Softball Club. You have been an inspirational leader, coach, player and administrator. You leave this role with the club in a much better position. Thank you for all your time and dedication it is so appreciated”.

Lauren Adler

“Thanks, Sammi for your huge contribution to Peninsula Softball club. Your leadership and drive to make the club inclusive and fun for all ages and all experience levels will be really missed. You’re such a great ambassador and role model for all the kids and parents out there, take some time to celebrate and reflect on the huge impact you’ve had on us all. THANK YOU. We’ll miss you!”

Jess Squires

Sammi Williams “The true legend of Peninsula Softball.”

Being involved in softball has been a huge part of my life and meeting people like Sammi Williams is a rare treat, something that you hang on to. Having had the awesome privilege of coaching Sammi at both Peninsula and at MWSA Rep level, I have always been inspired by “Sammi’s Words of Wisdom” which were commonly presented before our Rep games for motivation and to pull the team together. Sammi has an extraordinary level of dedication and passion for softball including the respect she has for the players that surround her.

Saturday arvo softball was always met with a huge SW smile, a hug and a little mooch (well, that’s what I got), this just set you up for a great arvo of softball… I do miss all of our motley crew SW :)

On and off the field Sammi is one of those role models everyone admires and aspires to be – she is a cherished friend and a highly respected player.

Best wishes in whatever you do Sammi xx

Jeff Osborne

“Like so many families across the Club, we have benefited tremendously from Sammi’s commitment to the softball community – from her supportive and encouraging coaching to her active and thoughtful role as President of the Club. Even in the midst of some very difficult personal circumstances, Sammi has been a source of energy and inspiration to so many across the Club. Thank you for all that you’ve done for Peninsula, and for all the individuals and families like ours - whose lives you've enriched and contributed to in extremely positive ways.

Michael McDonnell

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