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Peninsula Softball Club - President’s Report 2020-2021

AGM - June 2021

I would like to thank everyone here tonight for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend and the interest shown towards the progress of Peninsula Softball Club and also to those who would like to help guide and support the club in 2021/2022 as a committee member or as a volunteer.

The season was always going to be different with many challenges due to Covid-19. There was concern and a big emphasis on member retention. Membership for Peninsula Softball Club for the Season 2020/2021 was 236 members and we fielded 10 Senior teams (2 more than last season), 5 Junior teams (same as last season) and 6 Sub-Junior teams (3 more than last season), this included 4 Teeball teams. MWSA, again, provided all new U12 registrations a free glove, ball, cap and helmet and this saw many new players signing up.

The Committee Members were:

President Sammi Williams

Registrar Sammi Williams

Treasurer Kath Fox

Secretary Mike McDonnell

Sponsorship & Grants Mike McDonnell / Kath Fox

Website/Social Media Mike McDonnell / Amanda Lau / Emma Wardman

Uniforms Anna Newbery & Clair Poole

Events Clair Poole

Duties Officer Heidi Tetz

Manly Ctee Rep Gai Cohen

General Member Jill Horne

General Member Karen Southwood

General Member Emma Wardman

General Member Sue Tonga

The season commenced on the 17th of October 2020 due to a late start to Winter sport. Covid-19 saw guidelines and rules in place for training and match day. There were 9 rounds leading up to Christmas with Round 10 resuming play on the 30th of January 2021and this saw finals commence on 13th March.

Teams that reached the finals were Eagles Black, Condors, Strikers, Magpies, Raiders, Bandits, Diamond Doves, Blue Jays, Parrots and Phoenix. We managed to get our Junior Presentation in on the 14th of March at the Rueb Hudson Canteen on a very wet afternoon. This was to be a part of our ‘Come and Try’ Day for parents/carers/siblings to promote player recruitment inline with the Back to Base grant we had received. This was a completely different format and despite the weather it was a great turnout and lots of fun. We had a free sausage sizzle for members. We held a club raffle fundraiser with prize donations sought from the teams.

This year saw our uniform orders go to an online platform with ASA. Orders were streamlined and delivered on time ensuring our players were game ready.

The Member Protection Policy was completed and circulated to members as well as posted on our website. Our Member Protection Officer was Anna Newbery working alongside the President. A Role and Responsibilities Policy was created and distributed to each member, coach, manager, parents and carers.

A past discrepancy with the Department of Fair Trading saw myself and Kath Fox gathering and calculating information to submit. This has now been rectified.

Mike McDonnell worked extremely hard to set up our new website, a Whats App group for Coaches and Managers and working with Amanda Lau and Emma Wardman established our social media platform which provided very informative information and captured moments throughout the season to be treasured and archived for future historical records.

A stocktake of all team kits was undertaken by Jill Horne and new equipment purchased in line with what was required - new kit bag, adult catchers gear.

There were numerous grant applications submitted. Some approved and some unsuccessful. We applied for:

  • Softball Australia Back on Base Grant for a Gala/Come and Try Day - successful

  • Sports NSW grant for Come and Try Day - successful - to be spent in coming season

  • Sports NSW grant for uniforms/equipment - unsuccessful

  • Australian Sports Foundation for Junior uniforms/equipment - unsuccessful

  • NSW Government Community Sports Recover Package - Grass Roots Sports Fund - successful

A huge thank you to our coaching staff and team officials (managers, scorers and umpires). Duties have to be done by each club and are allocated out over the season. A huge thank you to you all that put up hands for grounds duty, canteen and BBQ.

A huge thank you to my fellow committee members for their never ending passion, commitment and support in a season that was tough to navigate. At the end of the day the focus was on softball and all of our members being happy, settled and well informed throughout the season.

As I am stepping down from the committee I wish remaining and new committee members all the very best for the coming season.

Sammi Williams

President 2020/2021

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