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Peninsula Softball Club teams play in the Manly-Warringah Softball Association Summer Competition. For up to date information about the draw, results, and tables, please see the MWSA website. 

The MWSA Competition is female only (except at teeball level) and is divided into Senior Grades and Junior Divisions. The season usually runs for sixteen rounds plus playoffs, from early October through to late March, with a break over the summer school holidays.

Junior Division Games are usually played on Saturday mornings and Senior Grade Games on Saturday afternoons - all at the Softball Diamonds on Abbott Road in Curl Curl. Training sessions are arranged by each team, but generally take place during the week after school and in the evenings, also at Abbott Road.

In the 2021-2022 season, there were over 30 teams competing across the Senior Grades, and another 30 in the Junior Divisions, from five different clubs in the Manly-Warringah Softball Association. These include Davidson, Warringah, Pittwater, Forest-Allambie, and Peninsula Softball Clubs. Peninsula entered 11 teams in the Junior Division, and another 9 in the Senior Grades.

The Junior Division is age restricted - the player must be under 19 at the end of the competition year.  Junior Division runs from Division 1 through to Division 3B for players 12 and over, modball for the under 12s and teeball for the under 10s.

The Senior Grades run from our highest level players in A Grade to our friendly C Grade comp.

We can help find the right division and team for you. Below is a brief description of the grades we have in our comp.  Ages for the juniors are only a guide.  We are happy to discuss the best options for you or your child when you register. Peninsula, like all the MWSA clubs, accepts Active Kids Vouchers. And if you are a mum, aunt, grandmother, great-grandmother or female carer registering a child, we also encourage you to come try softball, too!


Teeball – ages 4-9, includes boys and girls. Here our trained and encouraging coaches focus on introducing players to good ball skills and building their confidence. We focus on teaching the basics of throwing, catching, batting & running around bases. Players play with age appropriate, modified softball rules, hit off a tee, and wear protective gear (helmets, mouthguards, and gloves). The players learn great eye-hand coordination skills, the importance of team work, get lots of encouragement, and generally have loads of fun.


Modball – for ages 10 to 12, girls only. This is the next step up from teeball. Here the players are introduced to a live pitched ball, playing to only slightly modified softball rules. Initially their coaches pitch to them, encouraging them to hit the ball, all the while they are learning the skills they need to become pitchers themselves.  If the batters don't hit the ball, the tee is brought out for them. Girls can easily join in at this level too, because with club training during the week it won't take long for players to build their skills and confidence and feel comfortable playing in a very friendly community sport.

Softball - Juniors

Softball - Juniors aged 12 to 18, girls only. This is where the girls play Softball Australia softball rules. Games for junior softballers are played in the morning, however there is the opportunity for the older girls (16 - 18) to play in the afternoon comp. Again, if your player has not played before, with club training during the week it won't take long for the skills to develop so they feel comfortable on the field.

Senior Grades

Afternoon Ladies Competition - ages 16 and over. The afternoon competition has multiple grades, appropriate for all abilities. Haven't played before or haven't played since school? No problems, with weekly club training it won't take long before you're racing around bases like a pro.  When you make contact with us, make sure you discuss your ability level and we can help find a place for you in one of our teams. From A grade (being most competitive) to friendly C grade, there will be a team where you will feel most welcomed.  Bring a friend or two!!

Our Comp: Meet the Coaches
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