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Announcing the 2021-2022 Committee

At the AGM in June 2021 nominations were received for the Peninsula Softball Committee Executive and Committee roles. The following members were elected:

President: Gai Cohen

Treasurer: Kath Fox

Secretary/Registrar: Michael McDonnell

Committee Members:

Linda Armiger

Kat Baldwin

Karinne Bedingfield

Kellie Cohen

Amanda Lau

Anne-Maree Newbury

Clair Poole

Heidi Tetz

Gerry Wilkins

Several sub-committees were also formed to help us better manage the Club

Policies & Procedures: Anne-Maree Newbury; Kat Baldwin; Gerry Wilkins

Equipment & Uniforms: Clair Poole; Kat Baldwin; Heidi Tetz; Linda Armiger

Social Media & Marketing: Amanda Lau; Karinne Bedingfield; Anne-Maree Newbury

Operations: Gerry Wilkins: Linda Armiger; Karinne Bedingfield; Kellie Cohen

Sponsorship & Grants: Kath Fox; Michael McDonnell

Player Liaison: Kellie Cohen

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas for the Committee, or would like to get involved yourself, just email us at

Two of our newest committee members, Kat Baldwin and Linda Armiger, at the 2021 Junior Presentation. Both have been long-time players, coaches and softball parents.

Outgoing Peninsula President Sammi Williams (left) and incoming President Gai Cohen (right)

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