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Start of the Season - Take Two!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Dear Peninsula Members,

We are very hopeful that we'll get started on Saturday - despite a bit of forecast rain tomorrow - and we look forward to welcoming you to the diamonds. We have a record number of registered members this year, and we can't wait for everyone to start playing teeball, modball, and softball again!

The draw for all our teams is pasted below - all teams in blue are Peninsula teams. You can also find the draw and ladders at the NEW MWSA website:

Again, Peninsula will have a Club Shade Shelter up near the Reub Hudson Canteen (in between the two parking lots on Abbott Road) - just look for our blue banner on the Shade Shelter. New teeball and Junior players can pick up their new player kits there at any time during the day, but the teeball coaches have asked if new teeball players can try and get there between 7:45 and 8:00 so they are ready at the diamonds by 8 am. New playing Jerseys and uniform items ordered from ASA will also be distributed at the shade shelter and can be picked up at any time.

Please also feel free to drop by the Peninsula Shade Shelter to say hello, hang out, and ask any questions at any time during the day too - there will be Committee members and others around most of the day to help out.

This week, too, the MWSA Blastball program will start. This is a FREE program to keep younger siblings and friends busy, and introduce them to softball. It is designed for ages 3+ and is full of actcion and fun. There are no complex rules, no teams, and no personal equipment required. Blastball runs on Saturday mornings from 9:00-9:45 am in front of the Reub Hudson canteen at the diamonds. Your child can drop in for as many weeks as you like, all completely free! Simply register your interest here and come along - and bring a friend! There is also an email on the form to contact MWSA if you have any questions about the program.

MWSA has also advised that RBI will now come to the grounds in Week 3 of the Season, on Saturday, Oct. 22. They will have a good range of their stock available to browse on the day, or you can search online ahead of time at - select store pickup and write “Manly Softball” in the notes section and the RBI team will we do their best to bring your goods with them to save on shipping.

Finally, we are slowly moving toward our 30th anniversary as a Softball Club on the Northern Beaches - in 2025! In anticipation of that, we'd like to ask if anyone has photos, records, anecdotes, memories, or anything that will help us build a history of the Club to get in touch. We would especially welcome anything from the early years of the Club starting in 1995 right up to a few years ago. Just email us with anything you've got at - we will be very grateful!

Many thanks, and see you all shortly.

Peninsula Softball

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