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Our 2021-2022 Summer Softball Teams

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Despite another uncertain run-up and a delayed start to the 2021-2022 summer Softball season, Peninsula Softball Club has managed to thrive and to field 21 teams in the Manly Warringah Softball Association Competition.

This includes nine teams in the Women's afternoon comp, and twelve teams in the Junior comp - coached by an amazing support team of over 30 different coaches and assistant coaches drawn from the ranks of both Junior and Senior players.

Peninsula is particularly proud to feature five Teeball teams this year, with players ranging in ages from 4-10 years old. Many of these are new players to the game who are keen to have a go and, for the first time ever, we have also assembled two all-boys teams in the Teeball competition - Thunderbirds Black and Thunderbirds Blue. We have also put together a combined Peninsula/Warringah team with Warringah coaches and managed by Peninsula.

Peninsula has also built on the strengths in our Division 1 Junior teams to field an A Grade team again this year - the Sorts - after a year-long absence from the top division. The team is headed up by twins Issie and Ingrid Frew, who played in the Junior Comp for their last year in 2020-2021, and are now looking for new challenges in the Women's premier grade.

We've also got new players having a go in our C Grade team, the Magpies, and women of all experiences and abilities from the ages of 20 to 80 (!) playing across our many teams.

It is great to see so many new and returning players coming back to softball, or having a go for the first time - it bodes well for the future of softball on the beaches.

Thanks also to all those who have volunteered their time to coach, manage, score, and help out with the many volunteer duties needed to keep our comp going - not to mention all the parents, carers, and friends who help get our many softball players, young and old, to the diamonds for training and games. Thanks as well to our sponsors.

For information about Divisions and Grades, see our Competition information. For current Draws, Results, and Competition Tables, see the MWSA website. For playing policies and rules, see our Playing Info.

Below is a list of all our teams in the MWSA comp this year, along with the names of their coaches and managers. Team photos will follow in a separate post. Many thanks to all for your enthusiastic participation and support!




Coach: Karinne Bedingfield

Assistant Coaches: Carys Thomas-McDonnell, Kirra Wilkins

Manager: Bianca Springford

Thunderbirds Black

Coaches: Amanda Lau; Tash Townley; Sue Tonga

Assistant Coaches: Jamie Lau, Layla Tonga

Manager: Amanda Lau

Thunderbirds White

Coaches: Caitlin Newbery; Ella Humphrey; Sienna Newbery

Assistant Coach: Andi Lau

Manager: Amanda Lau

Thunderbirds Blue

Coaches: Charleigh Kemp; Sylas Casper-Richardson

Assistant Coach: Jess Squires

Manager: Amanda Lau

Thunderbirds Red

Coach: Flora Van der Heide (Warringah Softball)

Assistant Coach: Ashlyn Glasson; Layla Geros (Warringah Softball)

Manager: Amanda Lau




Coach: Kat Baldwin

Assistant Coach: Millie Roberts

Manager: Kat Baldwin


Coach: Darren McDermott

Manager: Lisa Hottes




Coach: Shaun Smith

Assistant Coach: Abi Rowe

Manager: Kate Williams

Blue Jays

Coaches: Issie Frew & Ingrid Frew

Manager: Clair Poole



Diamond Doves

Coach: Gai Cohen

Manager: Megan Jones




Coach: Jess Squires

Assistant Coaches: Caitlin Newbery; Amy Sheppard

Manager: Jeanette Haverkamp


Coach: Shaun Smith

Manager: Linda Armiger




Coach: Heidi Tetz

Manager: Rochelle Tubridy




Coach: Gai Cohen

Manager: Karinne Bedingfield


Coach: Colette Terry

Manager: Karen Southwood

Condors Blue

Coach: Gai Cohen

Manager: Rhonda Buizen

Condors Black

Coach: Lauren Adler

Manager: Rhonda Buizen



Eagles Blue

Coach: Shaun Smith

Manager: Linda Armiger




Coach: Kellie Cohen

Manager: Kellie Cohen

Eagles Black

Coach: Sammi Williams

Assistant Coach: Janelle Colby

Manager: Kety Lucic




Coach: Shaun Smith

Assistant Coaches: Jess Squires; Steve Mounsey

Manager: Gerry Wilkins


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