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Meet our Peninsula U10 Reps for 2020

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The action on the diamonds continues at a frantic pace with the upcoming U10 Teeball State Championships on December 5 & 6th.

Proudly representing Peninsula Softball Club on the MWSA Representative team are, from left to right, Carys Thomas-McDonnell (Junior Coach), Caitlyn Fox, and Kellie Cohen (Manager).

Caitlyn is thrilled to be joining teammates from across the four other clubs that make up the Manly Warringah Softball Association Rep team.

Like the U16s, it has been a long road for the girls, who trialed at the end of 2019, and expected to play in March! They managed one or two tournaments before Covid shut them down, and have had to train hard to get ready for the coming weekend - and have only managed to get a few practice games in since,

This is Caitlyn's first Representative experience and she's excited about the idea of playing for an entire weekend. She has enjoyed meeting new friends from other clubs, and challenging themselves to get better - and enjoyed playing against other Rep teams.

After starting softball at the age of five, Caitlyn is now in her fourth season of playing, and in her first season of Modball. Given that experience, she thought she'd give the trials for the Rep team a go - and earned a place on the team first time out.

Caitlyn normally plays for the Peninsula Phoenix in Modball B Division in the Summer Competition.

Caitlyn brings great infield skills to the team and loves to play pitcher and first base. But what she loves most about softball is having fun - and of course giving the ball a good bash into the outfield!

Caitlyn reckons that she brings good fielding skills to the Rep team, and is keen to do her best this coming weekend. She also works hard to build up a good team spirit by encouraging everyone.

Junior coach Carys Thomas-McDonnell agrees, adding that Caitlyn is a real team-player - she is keen to play wherever she's needed, and Carys is very impressed that Caitlyn is always trying to do better. Carys thinks Caitlyn's batting is going to be a real strength this coming weekend, and she admires her excellent softball sense in the field - always remembering to back up plays.

Carys, who plays U14 Reps and will soon play in her own State Championship the weekend after the Teeball tournament, is looking forward to seeing Caitlyn and the other girls in action. She reckons that Caitlyn, like many of the Rep girls, has really improved over the course of the year, and she loves watching all the girls develop their skills and grow as a team. She is excited to be part of the first State Championship experience for Caitlyn and many of the other girls and can't wait to enjoy the experience with them.

The role of Junior coach allows many Peninsula players an opportunity to see the game from a different perspective, and Carys likes being part of a coaching team that also includes Sue Brandenburg (Head Coach), Kylie MacFadzean, and Dani Armour.

Many of our Rep and Dev players in the older age groups get involved in helping to coach the younger teams at both the Rep and Club level.

In turn, Caitlyn and the other Rep players love having a good role model closer to their age among them - and love to follow their progress when they play too. Caitlyn especially looks up to the Junior coaches like Carys, and also Gracie and Minty Tetz, and Caitlyn's cousin, Emily Harrison, who all help out with the coaching duties for the Phoenix.

Minty will soon head out to the U14 State Championships along with Carys, and Gracie and Emily have just finished playing in the U16 State Championships - so Caitlyn has plenty of great role models to encourage and inspire her!

For Caitlyn, softball is a family affair, too. In addition to her cousin Emily, Caitlyn's sister, Alyssa, plays for the Peninsula Blue Jays in Div 3, and her mum, Kath Fox, coaches the Phoenix. Kath also serves on the Peninsula Committee as Treasurer, and co-coaches and manages the Women's B Grade Team, the Raptors, along with Kat Baldwin.

Finally, Caitlyn and Carys will be well looked after by the ever-energetic and long-time Peninsula player, coach, and manager, Kellie Cohen, who will be heading out for her second of three State Championships this spring and summer as she manages the U10s, the U12s, and the U14s! You can read more about Kellie's amazing support of the girls here.

Kellie is hoping the teeball team can replicate the success of our U12 MWSA Rep team, who were crowned State Champions just a few weeks ago.

The Teeball State Championships will be played at the International Peace Park Diamonds in Blacktown over the weekend. You can follow all the action at: or on the Softball NSW Facebook page.

Caitlyn's teammates on the MWSA Representative U10 team include: Sydney Kaivelata, Amarlea Tonga, Aiyla-tae Maaka, Ilaria Ruberto, Lucy Clarke, Madison Munro, Marley Hall, Mikayli King, Milla Catterick, Rose Dorman, and Violet Benham.

Many congratulations, Caitlyn! Peninsula is very proud of the work you and all your team-mates have put into this, and we wish you, Carys, Kellie and the rest of the team the best of luck for this weekend - and hope you have a great time!

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