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Making Softball History - Lucille Craswell

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Lucille Craswell 1938-1987

Lucille was the mother of current Peninsula Condors player, Karley Heyworth.

She is pictured here in Darwin in the early 1960s where she played softball whilst working as a nurse at Darwin Hospital.

Craswell also played softball for Brisbane Girls Grammar School and played representative softball for the Queensland Schoolgirls as catcher.

Karley's two daughters carried on the family tradition, too, with Lucy playing for Peninsula starting in 2004, and Sascha from 2007.

Thanks to Karley Heyworth for sharing her images with Peninsula. Karley had slides that she then photographed and enlarged - all on her phone.

Stay-tuned for more historic photos of Lucille in action, along with stories.

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The bench and dugout, or on a smoke break?

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