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Junior Presentation Report - 2022

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

On a very rainy Sunday in late March, 2022, Peninsula Junior members gathered to celebrate the end of a rain-soaked shortened softball season, and to acknowledge all the work done by everyone to get us to the diamonds, and the many achievements of our Junior players.

What follows is the text from the day, which was hosted by Committee members Clair Poole and Mike McDonnell, and Izzy and Ingrid Frew.

We would first like to pay respect to and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which this presentation takes place, which were taken from them without their consent, treaty, or compensation, and also pay respect to Elders both past and present.

Another rainy day, and our second year in a row holding our Junior Presentation on a very wet day! But this year, we have to thank Scott and Karinne Bedingfield for pulling some strings here at St Lukes Grammar school and getting us a fabulous venue that doesn’t involve our feet getting muddy!

It has been a very challenging year this year for everyone – the shortest, longest season ever! - but Peninsula has pulled together amazingly well to get through it, and we are very proud that in the midst of the pandemic and La Nina, we are not only managing to survive as a Club, but to thrive too.

We are particularly proud that we managed to field an incredible 21 teams in the MWSA Comp this year, including 12 Junior teams. This is testimony to the welcoming environment, the strength and positivity of all our Club members and our growing presence on social media.

We are especially proud that many of our senior Junior players – led by the terrific Frew twins who ‘graduated’ from Junior to Senior at the end of last year – were able to pull together and field a Senior A Grade team to contest the top grade in our Softball Competition as the Sorts. This team included Juniors Charleigh Kemp, Gracie Tetz, Minty Tetz, Emily Harrison, Carys McDonnell, Kirra Gilchrist, and Kirra Wilkins, and Lauren Taylor – all coached by Shaun, Te, and Steve. Well done Sorts for representing us.

And, at the other end of the competition, we were so pleased to see so many teeballers coming back to softball, and so many new teeball players join us for the first time – including so many boys new to our Club and Competition, and it has been terrific to see all them grow and develop their skills so much over even a short season. One day, we hope to see all our teeballers playing like Shaun, Te, and Steve, who they got to see at work this year – thanks guys!

And, we hope everyone has had fun….?

That sense of fun is also thanks to a great group of over 30 coaches, over 20 managers, our 12 committee members, and all our many volunteers, parents, and carers, who we would like to thank as well.

Just quickly, could our senior coaches all stand up. Karinne Bedingfield; Amanda Lau; Caitlin Newbery; Kat Baldwin; Darren McDermott; Shaun Smith; Isse Frew; Ingrid Frew; Gai Cohen; and Jess Squires – Please give them a round of applause (Junior coaches – you’re up soon!) Thank you so much for your leadership and support.

And now, could our managers please stand up. Bianca Springford; Amanda Lau; Kat Baldwin; Lisa Hottes; kate Williams; Clair Poole; Megan Jones; Jeanette Haverkamp, and Linda Armiger. – it has been an incredibly challenging year for you this year – and we are very appreciative of all the work you’ve had to do to get everyone to the diamonds, and sometimes, to make sure they got to sleep-in on the washed out days….!

We should also thank our sponsors – especially Little Italy Pizza, Mike Pawley Sports, and also All Sports Apparel. All have been super generous all year – and we have such good relations with them, especially thanks to Amanda, Clair and Karinne.

Finally, thanks to the Peninsula committee – the committee especially plays an integral role in the running of our club – from organsing teams and uniforms to getting volunteers to the canteen and setting up the diamonds. There is an enormous amount of work that goes into getting our players on to the diamonds every weekend.

If Committee members could stand and wave so we get to know you…..

Anne-Maree Newbery – who works on Policies and Procedures, as well as uniforms

Heidi Tetz – as a general member and gear

Kat Baldwin – on gear and policies; and Jr. Presentation

Karinne Bedingfield – on social media and marketing and Junior Presentation

Linda Armiger – on operations and gear

Gerry Wilkins – on operations and duty rosters especially

Kellie Cohen – on operations

Kath Fox (who is away) – our amazing Treasurer who has had to work doubly hard this year with all the changes

Clair Poole – who has done an amazing job on getting us kitted out with some terrific uniforms this year; but has also done a huge amount of work – together with Kat and Karinne – in getting us here today for our Presentation – this was a huge effort – thanks Clair, Kat and Karinne.

Amanda Lau – whose work on social media with Karinne has been simply amazing – and which has been noticed by all as high up as Softball Australia; but who also worked tirelessly at the start of the season to help bring an amazing four teeball teams to the diamonds and

And finally, Gai Cohen, who reluctantly stepped in to take the role of Club President when Sammi stepped down – because she didn’t think being MWSA Secretary, and coaching numerous Club and Rep teams, would be enough to do! The Committee is very thankful to Gai for her leadership, her enthusiasm, and her amazing ability to calm everyone, and inspire all.

We should add – if you have enjoyed the year with Peninsula, and want to get more involved, please think about joining the committee – we’ll be calling out for vounteers soon. And if you haven’t enjoyed the year, and think you know how to help improve it, then also join the committee!

Some of our dedicated committee members and coaches, from left to right: Karinne Bedingfield, Steve Mounsey, Clair Poole, Michael McDonnell, Gai Cohen (President), Kat Baldwin, Shaun Smith, and Amanda Lau

And finally, but maybe most importantly, many many thanks to our huge and supportive army of volunteers, parents and carers. These include all the scorers, and the many who have pitched in to drive your little ones to the diamonds, make rolls, serve slushies, barbecue sausages, umpire, coach, and set-up the diamonds in the early morning wet! It is a huge amount of work and Peninsula is very grateful to have such an enthusiastic and helpful group.

It is a great team effort – and in the words of Gai Cohen – in the midst of this difficult year, it has been a simply “sensational” effort by all!

Players – we should give a big round of applause to all those around you for all the work they’ve done this year.


Now, to the really important part of the Presentation – the players and teams!

For this, we are going to turn it over to two of our fabulous Peninsula members - Ingrid Frew and Izzy Frew – who have led our A Grade team this year and have coached the Blue Jays, who made it into the grand finals, too. Thank you Ingrid and Izzy for your help and your service with the Club!

The fabulous Frew twins

First, we’d like to congratulate ALL the Junior Teams on a fantastic year of softball. Congratulations to everyone for making it through the crazy weather, Covid, and all your other commitments to play your best every week over the summer season!

We’d also like to congratulate all the Peninsula Junior teams who made it into the Finals this year –

- the Raiders

- Diamond Doves

- Blue Jays

- and Ravens – who are season champions as they went through the season undefeated!

Next, we’d like to recognise a special group of players - all those players who have been with Peninsula for many years.

5 Year Awards

Bridget Baldwin

Kayleigh Hottes

Genna Dean

Caitlyn Fox

Andi Lau

Brooklyn Poole

Addison Poole

We’d also like to recognise and acknowledge the following Junior players for their services to the Club. First, for coaching or assistant coaching.


Thunderbirds Black – Tash Townley, Jamie Lau, and Layla Tonga

Thunderbirds White – Ella Humphrey, Sienna Newbery, Andi Lau

Thunderbirds Blue – Charleigh Kemp, Sylas Casper-Richardson

Thunderbirds Red – Ashlyn Glasson, Layla Geros

Flamingos – Kirra Wilkins, and Carys Thomas-McDonnell

Sparrows – Millie Roberts

Parrots – Abi Rowe

It is wonderful to see so many of our Junior players who are keen to pass on their knowledge and experience, and their passion for softball to the next generation of players.

Now, we’d also like to recognise those who have been training to be umpires and doing amazing work behind the plate for all of us to enjoy our games. A

Junior Blues in training:

Talyn Dodd

Alyssa Fox

Caitlyn Fox

Addison Poole

Ayla Wilson

And, our very own Level 1 Blues Umpires:

Roxy Armiger

Abi Rowe

Thanks again, girls, for all your hard work in supporting us on the Diamonds.

Representative Players Reocognition

We’d now like to acknowledge and recognise the many extra-achievements of our fabulous Peninsula Players, and in particular, all the girls that represented Peninsula on the Manly Warringah Softball Association or other Associations Representative and Development Teams in 2021 – and who again had to put up with a lot of Covid delays and cancellations, but persevered.

MWSA U10 Representative Team – who were State Champions!:

Caitlyn Fox

MWSA U10 Development Teams:

Sophie Gorman

Sarah Hutson

Isobel Roberts

Hannah Zappia

Kaleigh Hottes

Taylor Hottes

Isabella Wallis

Grace Kuga

Lucy Bedingfield (picked up and played for Central Coast at State)

Holly Mildwater (picked up and played for Central Coast at State)

Annie Hawthorne

Bridget Baldwin (both Bridget and Annie were picked up and played for Campbelltown at State and helped the Campbelltown boys win the State Championships!)

MWSA U12 Representative Team – State Champions!:

Brooklyn Poole – who also made the Sydney North Softball team

Mia Cassar

Kirra Gilchrist as Junior Coach

MWSA U12 Development Team

(these are from Parrots – not sure of age group?)

Charlotte Crouch

Skye Faulks

Stella Hawthorne

Lara Ludbroke

MWSA U14 Representative Team – Runners-up at the State Champs:

Andi Lau – also on the U14 Metro team, and Western Region team

Talea Tonga

MWSA U 16 Dev Team

Roxy Armiger

Abi Rowe

Lauren Allison

Jazz Gorman

Ayla Wilson

Alanna England

Isabel Armstrong

Lily Fahey

Alice Campbell

MWSA U16 Representative Team:

Kirra Wilkins

Sienna Newbery

Emily Harrison

Tash Townley

Charleigh Kemp

Minty Tetz

Carys Thomas-McDonnell

Ella Humphrey

Kirra Gilchrist

We should also note that Tash, Charleigh, Minty, Carys, Ella and Kirra G all were selected for the NSW State Camp; and that Charleigh, Kirra G., Sienna, Ella, Carys, and Minty all made the North Met Academy team too.

MWSA U18 Representative Team:

Ingrid Frew

Izzy Frew

Gracie Tetz – also selected for the U16 NSW State Team

Kirra Gilchrist – should mention that she got picked for the U16, U18, and U23 Representative teams all in the same year; as well as the NSW U16 State Team, and the U15 Aussie Diamonds!

And finally, on the North Shore U18 Representative Team:

Lauren Taylor – also selected for the U18 NSW State Team

Many congratulations to all! What a fabulous list of outstanding players.

We hope we haven’t missed anyone! Please let us know if we have…

Team Awards: Trophies

First up, we have the Junior Team Coaches Awards:

Could Shaun Smith come up to present his awards to the Div 1 Team the Bandits

Presented to Andi Lau for Coach's Award, and Lauren Allison for Player's Player

Could Jess Squires come up to present her awards to the Div 1 Team, the Raiders

Presented to Tash Townley and Kirra Gilchrist

Could Gai Cohen come up to present her awards to the Div 2 Diamond Doves

Presented to Hannah Brown for MVP, and Molly Jones for Coach's Award

And Ingrid and Issy Frew will now present their awards to the Div 3 Blue Jays

Presented to Amelia Roberts for Player's Player, and Kate Burke for Coach's Award

Could Shaun Smith and Abi Rowe come up to present their awards to the Div 3 Parrots

Presented to Piper Lovett for MVP, and Ayla Needs for Coach's Award

Could Darren McDermott come up to present the awards and certificates to the Ravens

Presented to Kessia Arona for MVP, and Asher Monteleone for the Batting Award

Could Kat Baldwin come up to present her awards and certificates to the Sparrows

Presented to Lucy Bedingfield for Player's Player, & Isobel Roberts for Coach's Award

The Frew Twins with some of the Blue Jays

Manager Lisa Hottes with some of her Division champions, the Ravens

Now, finally, to our amazing teeball teams!

Will Amanda Lau, Tash Townley, and Sue Tonga, Jamie Lau, and Layla Tonga come up to present their teeball team, Thunderbirds Black, with their awards

Will Cailtin Newbery, Ella Humphrey, Sienna Newbery, and Andi Lau come up to present their teeball team, Thunderbirds White, with their awards

Will Charleigh Kemp, Sylas Casper-Richardson, and Jess Squires come up to present their teeball team, Thunderbirds Blue, with their awards

Will Flora van Der Heide, Ash Glasson, and Layla Geros come up to present their teeball team, Thunderbirds Red, with their awards.

Will Karinne Bedingfield, Carys Thomas-McDonnell and Kirra Wilkins come up to present their teeball team, the Flamingos, with their awards

Coaches Karinne Bedingfield and Carys Thomas-McDonnell with some of the Flamingos

The K2 Award – given to the Peninsula pitcher with the most number of strike outs – goes this year to Kirra Gilchrist from the Raiders! Unfortunately Kirra is out training today – she has been selected for the U16 NSW State Softball Team!

And, our Picture of the Year – Peter Sherlock!

And that concludes the proceedings for this afternoon

Many Congratulations to all and thanks

Have a great Winter and we’ll see you next season

We had many fabulous prizes for our raffle draws, including this terrific netball basket set donated to us by one of our sponsors, Mike Pawley

A little video recap of the day

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